The Thinker by Steve Brown

ARTIST NOTES: Taken at a Sorry Day event on Frankston foreshore, Australia Day 2014, this young aboriginal boy was concentrating on an elder playing didgeridoo. I felt he was thinking about his place in the world & his future. Maybe he just wanted to go back & play in the sand? Either way, he presented a great image. Limited edition professional print run of 20 on low-acid paper with durable ink.


DIMENSIONS (Height - 50.00 cm X Width - 50.00 cm )
GENRE Humanity
REGISTERED NRN # 000-2241-0148-01
COPYRIGHT © Steve Brown
PRIZES AND AWARDS The Knox Art Exhibition 2015 - 2nd Prize - Photography (The Thinker) Prize - $350.00
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Artist: Steve Brown


I'm a semi-retired industrial chemist (2014), and have several interests: travel, kayaking the bay, making red wine, photography, painting, collecting aboriginal art - all good hobbies. My own painting style (I like to think) is 'quirky' and as I get more proficient with digital photography I hope to push my photography in a similar direction.

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