Beautiful Spring No.03 2002 Series by Attila Erdei

ARTIST NOTES: Beautiful Spring No.03 2002 Series. Painted with Acrylic on Canvas Panel, 60.9x45.7 cm, framed behind glass (91.5x72 cm), 62 Hours, third paintings from the series. One very nice Spring morning I see all the beautiful flowers in the garden, decide I like painting at, pick up my sketch book and went back to the garden. Make note on twenty three different flowers colors combinations, I end up with the three painting series, painted with dots and points using my rods. I was playing placing the dots different way, making open and closing the flowers and when I repeated the same flowers changed the order on the colors, no two same flowers on the paintings. On the background I using four different colors painted with my little rod, Powder Blue - present the Sky -, Brilliant Green - present the Grass and Trees -, Aqua - present the Water -, Burnt Sienna - present Earth -. All three paintings have same background colors, only all the flowers different. Framing by Joel P. Magpayo. Thanks to reviewing. Lucky9763


DIMENSIONS (Height - 60.90 cm X Width - 45.70 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Acrylic on Canvas
GENRE Abstract
REGISTERED NRN # 000-36069-0165-01
COPYRIGHT © Attila Erdei
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Artist: Attila Erdei


Start art in my young edge, I'm interested all art and art style, and love taking photos. I was drawing, painting, sculpture, pottery but I stopt. I started over 20 years ago art again, deep down inside me the love for arts was still a life, start doing digital (computer) art and photography, but after I was going back to the traditional painting what is take me to my style, I'm doing today. I painting with acrylic, I find the style and techniques I love, on my paintings I using all different size little rods. The style call pointillism, but all artist with this style using paintbrush. Very time taking, because I using the little stick (rod), must make the paint thicker so can stick on the rod, one deep in the paint can make one or maximum two point or dot. When my painting finish have a very nice textures, all the points and dots (thousands) placing top of one of the another. With respect all the artist use this style, like work of Georges Seurat, he is the artist most closly associated with the movement. Artist by movement of Pointillism, Camille Pissarro, Geatano Previati, Angelo Morbelli, Charles Angrand. All in started the 18 sanctuary, the style vanished because very time taking not many artist using today. I like showing my works, never showing to publick before, all my friend and family telling, I must showing don't keeping in the cabet, first time started two year ago in the USA, the Fan Art Review Gallery, and ower one year ago here in Gallery 247. I hope some one liked. Thank you Lucky9763

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